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This was my first experience with Zapier. I was contacted by a client in April 2022. He had an NFT generator website and he wanted to integrate Zapier to his website but he was unable to perform this job. He contacted me and asked me to do so for his test domain before his launching.

First of all, I studied his website structure and asked about what kind of zaps he wanted to run. He told me that he wants to run a zap that will post youtube videos from youtube to his blog website on his website. I tried the conventional way but it failed I read the documentation etc the plugins were working properly even the zap was working fine on other sites but the problem was with his site. Finally, I came to know that the problem was with his plugins. One of the the plugin was preventing the Zapier to connect with his WordPress website. After a lot of disabling and enabling the plugins, we found that plugin and updated it which slove the problem. The client was exempt happy with my work and he told me that previously he hired 4 people for this thing but they were successful and I did it in a great way. He also gave me a tip to me.


Now he has shifted his site from nonfungiblehouseย to nftgeneratormachine .

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