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Zegitli was estabished in Dec 2017

Our vision was to provide excellent services to our clients and the community across the globe .We provide web design , development and Graphic Design services. Over the last few years we've made a reputation for building websites and graphics that look great and are easy-to-use.Our team of professional designers and programmers specialize in developing customized websites that are both functional and highly presentable.

More than just a website, I build a tool to increase sales, leads. A tool that will establish your online presence and make it easy for prospects to find your business. I don't just build websites, I create brand guidelines, design logos.

What we do???

WEBSITE DESIGN ● WEB Dev ● Graphic Design


Meet the founders

Say Hello to Zegitli's founders- 2 individuals who share the same passion for the listed services

Ahmad Awais

Ahmad Anis

Case Studies

  This was my first experience with Zapier. I was contacted by a client in April 2022. He had an NFT generator

Stuninglogo Project

This client contacted me through Fiverr and he was having a problem with the website crashing. He actually made this site on


Citypeoples was a mega project for me with a new challenge. The client came with an issue of the garden store website


Paws Directory was a tuff one. The client wanted an advanced Directory website for a business of paws run in South Africa.

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